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A new most handy program that helps you to solve the problem of splitting different pictures
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4 June 2012

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Splitting files is necessary to compress and make files take less space in a user’s system. Splitting files earlier had to be done either manually or through software that were not very efficient. Increasingly in course of our business we find the need to send print ready files. Typically these files happen to be in the tiff format and at times the size of such files is quite large. When the need comes to split such files, generic file splitting software may not do the trick Tiff Splitter 1.8 is a new and very innovative program that is meant to split to split multi-page TIFF files. The setup is very easy though it takes a little time and the interface is very user friendly too. The application boasts of a robust set of features and is remarkable easy to use.

Tiff Splitter 1.8 on launch sports a neat interface which is easy on the eye. All one needs is a basic understanding of its functions and the rest is very easy. Having Tiff Splitter installed in one’s system means a lot less work to do and files and folders not just neat but also organised systematically. A user can use this software through the command line or the easy-to-use interface. All a user has to do is select the home of the files and the target place to store the file and click ‘SPLIT’. Tiff Splitter does the rest of the work and a user can have his peace of mind.

Splitting tiff files and maintaining a record has never been this easy thanks to TiffSplitter 1.8 software. The application earns an appreciable score of four points for the efficacy with which it can split the tiff files and it should form a part of your tool box if you tend to send tiff files.

Publisher's description

A new most handy program to split multi-page TIFF files.
TIFF Splitter is easy-to-use and has transparent interface. All you have to do is to setup it and make several clicks. TIFF Splitter splits either one file or the whole folder of TIFF files in one go.
TIFF Splitter has two 2 ways of handling: you may either use the command line or the user-friendly interface. Select the folder where you have your tiff files and the directory you want to place output files and press the button "Split". TIFF Splitter will do the rest for you!
Version 1.9
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